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By Eric Quanstrom #hack September 8, 2016

Quality prospecting is the first step in setting up a great sales process. Getting the right message to the right people will speed up your sales cycle and give you a reliable customer base.

1. Be specific in who you are looking for.

Avoid marketing to everyone. Trying to appeal to everyone makes your message bland and easy to overlook. Even worse, if you are bland, you can’t be memorable. Word of mouth is a beautiful thing.

2. Write short emails.

I secretly love getting sales emails because it’s interesting to see the different approaches people take to try and get attention. Most cold emails are unacceptably long and if I weren’t reading them for entertainment, I wouldn’t be reading them.


3. Learn when to quit and when to stick it out.

Never give up is a great motto for exercising, but horrible for sales. If the prospect does not fit your ideal customer profile or seems to yank you around, move on. On the other hand, if the prospect does fit your ideal customer profile and has a problem you can solve, stick it out. It can take many tries and many contacts to seal the deal. Don’t give up on someone you can help.

4. Ask to be recommended to the person who is the decision maker for the buying process.

It may not be the top executive or department head. This is doing yourself and the prospects a service by not wasting anybody’s time. I can make the person you were working with look good to their managers if they offer a solution (you) for a problem that their company has been having.


5. Be patient!

This is the most important. After years of being glued to our phones day in and day out, it’s understandable that people expect instant responses. People need time to digest and think about what you are offering them and even when you do have the perfect solution, the purchasing process takes time.

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