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By Eric Quanstrom #coldcalls November 14, 2016

B2B lead generation through email has a higher success rate than cold calling. It’s less expensive and you can reach out to more people. But what if your prospects aren’t the most tech savvy people? Some business still either don’t use or aren’t comfortable with email. So calling it is.

There are several things to know about leaving a voicemail since your call team will get routed to voicemail over and over again. You should expect a 2% appointment rate from your cold calling. If less, review the scripts. If more, give your team a big pat on the back.

Say you have a small team of five people doing your outbound lead generation calls, you can expect them to leave around 128 hours of voicemail a month. That’s 25.6 hours of voicemail per person. The first step to battling your team sounding like an automated machine, is having them focus on their tone. Most conversation is actually taking place in tone and body language, not words. So without the body language, we have tone.


Top performing call center marketers listen to recordings of how they sound and top trainers make it a part of normal training to review tone over and over so the inflections carry the right meanings.

How long should a voicemail be? Ideally, between 8 and 14 seconds. Your team should leave their names and contact numbers twice. Once at the beginning and once at the end. That way the prospect don’t have to navigate the phone system to rewind to the point of getting the number, or if a part is unclear there is no guesswork.

What about responses? What should your team look for? Typically 80% of first calls will go to voicemail. Only 4.8% of voicemails are returned. The key, like email lead generation, is persistence. We aren’t advocates of harassing people to the point where they call you back just to ask you to stop calling, but the 8th or 9th time you call usually results in reaching the person. When the gatekeepers realize you won’t take no from someone who can’t say yes, they’re more likely to pass you on to someone with that decision making capability.

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