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By Eric Quanstrom #hack November 14, 2016

Lead generation can be overwhelming at first. There is more to learn than first meets the eye. For example, did you know that subject lines with 3 or fewer words get opened more frequently? There are several common mistakes (listed below) and luckily they all have easy fixes.

Focusing on metrics rather than results

If your lead generators focus on the number of emails they send and that is how they judge the success of their day, you’re in trouble. The number of emails sent doesn’t translate to incoming leads. In order to generate more leads you need quality emails that get opens and replies. Your lead generators should be judging the success of their day on the reply rate, not when they blast 200 emails. Click here for our tested recommendations on writing quality B2B lead generation emails.


Taking the shotgun approach

Salespeople everywhere established decades ago that most sales aren’t made on the first contact. Most of the time they aren’t made on the second or third either. Sending 1000 emails to 1000 recipients will net you fewer leads than sending 1000 emails in a 5 part series to 200 people. Persistence is key in just about every aspect of life. Business to business lead generation isn’t any different.

Not understanding the buying process of the prospect

Making purchasing decisions takes time and typically involves multiple people. Instant results are just not going to happen. The earlier your lead generators can discover the prospect’s buying process, the easier it will be to qualify and made the sale down the road.

Writing emails with more than 6 sentences

Shorter is better. It’s more readable on a phone. It’s less intimidating and less time consuming for your prospect. Keep it simple. Keep is short.


Spending too much time with prospects that don’t fit the ICP

There is a tendency to try and make every prospect a lead. Of course that’s the goal, but if the prospect is too far from the Ideal Customer Profile, he or she will be more difficult (time consuming) to qualify and probably won’t make the cut anyway.

Accepting “No” too early

This is the other side of the pancake from the last point. If someone is a deadringer for your Ideal Customer Profile and they reject too early, it’s worth the little extra time to find the reasoning behind the objection. And move up the chain. Only the decision maker can say yes. It’s everyone else’s job to say no.

It’s much easier to generate more leads with a perfect ICP fit that initially says no than someone who is so far away from the ICP that the curvature of the earth is blocking them from view. Persistence can pay of big and generate more leads for you.

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