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By Eric Quanstrom #emailmarketing October 25, 2016

There are many more wrong ways to write a business to business lead generation email than there are right ways. Here are a few guidelines for writing your own lead generation templates.

Make it a series. Most sales people stop trying to make contact after the second attempt. Most sales require 5+ follow ups. Lead generation isn’t any different except instead of asking for money, you’re asking for a response. When crafting a campaign you need a series of emails that flow together and hit different reasons why someone’s life will be easier by using your product.

Personalize. The more you can personalize a lead generation email, the better it will perform. Most software that uses templates have places where you can fill in the brackets with [personal information] such as [name], [business], or [industry].


Keep it short. Your prospect is busy. Respect their time by keeping your lead generation email limited to five or fewer sentences. It’s more difficult to compact everything, but it’ll dramatically improve response rate.

Keep the goal in mind. The goal is to get a reply. These are not sales emails. The prospect needs to do exactly one thing to turn into a lead, reply. Whether you goal is set up a call or email back and forth a few times, let them know your goal and how easily they can do that.

Tell a story. People love stories. That’s what they remember. If you have clients who are willing to let you use them in your marketing efforts, write about how they got from where they were to where they are with your help.


Use testimonials to demonstrate credibility. Like stories, people like to know that you’re legit. In your emails include names of your well known clients (with permission of course) to build credibility. If you can get testimonials from these same clients to include as well, that’s even better!

Illustrate the difference between where they are and where they could be. When you boil down marketing, it’s getting the prospect to tell themselves a story about how your product will get them from where they are to where they want to be. Your prospects will take whatever you say with a grain of salt. They believe the stories they tell themselves. If you can get them to tell themselves a story about how your product will help them, you’ll generate more leads in no time.

The subject line needs to be better than the entire body of the email. Your subject line needs to be great. It doesn’t have to be a hook, but it needs to get the email opened. It must be compelling without sounding salesy. It must make a promise that is fulfilled in the body of the message. It must appeal enough to someone’s self interest without being unbelieveable.

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