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By Eric Quanstrom #leads September 8, 2016

B2B Lead generation takes time away from your sales team. Having a sales support team where one of the primary responsibilities is outbound lead generation is one of the most efficient ways to generate leads and provide a reliable income stream for your business. When you go to build your team or if you decide to outsource your sales support, make sure to check off all these qualifications.

The lifetime value of your customer is over $5,000.

The first step to ensuring an outbound lead generation team makes sense for you is that the system will pay for itself. If your average customer spends less than $5,000 over the course of your business relationship, it will be more difficult to make sure you aren’t losing money on this deal. What’s the point of having dedicated lead generators or sales development reps if they aren’t paying for themselves?



You have a proven product/service.

You can try this when building a new product or launching a company, but it is probably not a wise investment if you haven’t done your market testing. A great product launch is important, but it’s much easier to generate leads with something that already exists and has been proven effective.

Your prospects use email.

The first step in business to business lead generation is email. Cold calling does not do the trick anymore. Even if you have the best product in the world, people will still be mistrustful and possibly even annoyed if you interrupt their day. Starting with email is the best way to test the waters in outbound lead generation. If your prospects still don’t use email, you’ll be back to regular, interruptive cold calling. If they don’t use email, your SaaS sales probably won’t be great for this group anyway.


You have some sort of CRM system in place.

Keeping track of your prospects in a CRM system is vital. Make sure you have one in place. You need your sales team, sales support and lead generation teams to all be on the same page. If you choose to use outsourced lead generation, check which systems their reps work with.

You have one person or a team entirely dedicated to prospecting.

Switching tasks is the easiest way to ruin the flow of a day. When you staff gets into the rhythm of outbound lead generation then have to switch to sales support midday, they lose all that momentum. It’s part of why people seem so unproductive right after lunch and first thing in the morning. Having a single person or team as dedicated lead generators keeps the momentum flowing, meaning she will generate more leads in a day for your sales team to close.

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