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By Eric Quanstrom #coldcalls September 25, 2015


Here are some pointers on how you can make appointment setting your passion instead of just something you have to get through.

It’s Never About the Appointment

Don’t position yourself as somebody who is out to make an appointment or later sale. Instead, you have to find somebody that you can help with your product or service to get better and gain an advantage over the status quo. If you are genuine, it will show in your voice, and you will be amazed at how your prospect responds to you.


The Truth Will Prevail

When you choose to be truthful instead of setting out to manipulate somebody, you’ll feel better about making the contact. Even over the phone, people can sense when you’re honest about something and mean what you say. Stick to the truth when describing your products or service, and the call will go much more smoothly.


Be Yourself

When you reveal your true character, you develop a comfortable space between you and your prospect. There’s nothing wrong with rehearsing a script; however, you need to believe in it instead of just reciting the lines. Otherwise, it’s going to show and make the prospect lose interest. Maintain the rhythm of a natural conversation in your own voice and invest some extra time in each call.

snowflakeWork the Numbers

Cold calling is a game of numbers, and rejection is part of the equation. Regardless of how great or horrible a day is at the office, the averages always add up. Instead of getting discouraged, remember that every contact you make is just a step closer to your next appointment. This way, you’re not deterred by rejection but rather spurred on to make the next call.


Stay Above Winning

Every contact you make is an opportunity to build a network, make a friend or learn something new. Treat the appointment as the bonus, not the focal point for the call. Do not be determined to make an appointment for every call. The urgency of this disposition will reflect in your voice and scare your prospect away. Instead, look for a situation where you can build a bridge. The probability of appointments is higher if you project yourself as somebody who is stable and open to a point of view.

These five tips for learning how to love cold contacts will definitely make a difference in your everyday work space. You stand to make every call an exciting adventure by following these tips.

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