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By Eric Quanstrom #emailmarketing September 25, 2015


Internet marketing offers businesses many opportunities for cost-effective marketing. When done properly, email marketing can deliver the highest ROI and serve to increase sales, grow your customer base, and improve brand recognition.

Email marketing campaigns can also be relatively easy to measure in a timely manner, allowing you to tweak and adjust your campaign for better effectiveness. Discover four great reasons you should start email marketing today.


#1. Email marketing lets you communicate with your consumers on a more personal level

Consumers today want more from their shopping experience than just good prices and good products–they want a rewarding shopping experience overall, and the best way to give them that is to get more personal with them.

Email marketing lets you easily target specific demographics and groups of any size with specially tailored and customized messages that make the recipients feel more connected to the business. These types of personal touches let you cater to specific wants and needs by tailoring content to shopper habits. You can also send special messages to consumers on their birthday or other occasions that further enhance their connection to your business.

message#2. You can get the message out fast

An email message can reach thousands of recipients in seconds, letting you put important information right in front of the eyes of consumers and clients as soon as you are ready to deliver it. You can use email marketing to quickly get the word out about new products and services, special sales and events, or even just industry information and newsletters your consumers and clients would be interested in.


#3. It costs virtually nothing

There are plenty of email marketing services out there you can utilize, or you can do it yourself. Either way, the cost is minimal. Email marketing means you save on big expenses such as printing and traditional mailing costs. And a clever email campaign can be crafted within minutes if you have sufficient talent on hand. Reaching thousands for a fraction of your marketing expenses is a no-brainer.

measure#4. Measuring ROI is easy

There is a wide range of analytical apps and utilities you can use to measure the ROI of your email marketing campaign. It’s also one of the easiest ways to utilize the A/B marketing test to see which garners better results.

There are of course other benefits to using email marketing, but these are four of the main and most critical reasons you should be taking advantage of this powerful Internet marketing tool.

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