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By Eric Quanstrom #leads September 8, 2016

Ideal Customer Profiles bring innumerable benefits to your business decisions and marketing team. A well-crafted and refined Ideal Customer Profile also helps ensure a steady stream of qualified leads funneling right into your sales department.

Your lead generators will return the time invested in creating one, if you haven’t, in better leads that are more likely to buy. This quick guide is designed for businesses who have proven products and are looking to generate more leads. 


Step 1

Take a look at the data in your Customer Resource Management (CRM) software. What information are you keeping about each customer? Do you have information about how they found you? What about their business size? Their niche market? The key areas in this are basic demographics, likes and dislikes, and what content they consume both online and off.

Step 2

Take your top 25 customers and analyze your list for similarities. This should be the rough draft for your Ideal Customer Profile (or profiles if you find you have a couple groups of people who love your product).

Step 3

Check with your marketing team. The types of people they successfully market to are good indicators of what types of people or organizations you want your lead generators to focus on too.

Step 4

Reach out to your current customers. They’ll usually tell you how they found you or why they bought from you and not your competition.

Step 5

Assemble all the data into profiles. Make them “real” by giving them names and backstories.  

Step 6

Run the results by your VP of Sales or top salespeople. They’ll either have notes or at least an idea of the people who usually buy. Feedback from the front lines is not only valuable to you, but it makes your team feel appreciated.

Step 7

Iterate. Review the profiles as your company grows and the market shifts. Keep your lead generators up to date on who they should be targeting to maximize the results of your outbound lead generation.

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