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By Eric Quanstrom #leads September 8, 2016

Lead enrichment offers you the ability to work with better qualified leads. Lead enrichment offers you the opportunity to send focused, personalized emails that get opened much more frequently than generic ones.

You have the power to focus on specifically who you want to spend your time on, rather than qualifying hundreds of prospects who could resemble your Ideal Customer Profile or someone who may just have had a passing interest.

It all comes down to your business-to-business lead generation strategy. Many companies have a spray-and-pray strategy (a term borrowed from a video game strategy) which works just fine. If you are playing the numbers, play the numbers and you’ll generate leads. Either way, you’ll put in the work. Research leads beforehand or email a lot of uninterested people.


There are marketing companies who brag about being able to craft emails with 60%+ open rate. That’s basically unheard of. I looked into it and turns out it was a very specific email cleverly designed using specific knowledge about the recipient’s interests. High quality lead enrichment. A great copywriter to craft the email didn’t hurt either. But it comes down to client value on which strategy you pick. What is the lifetime value of your client to your company?

To build a business-to-business lead generation program, your lifetime client value should be in the multiple thousands of dollars for the program to be immensely profitable. I would recommend the shotgun approach for companies with lower lifetime client value. On the other hand, if you are handling the Rolls Royce account for Queen Elizabeth II, you better know the name of your client’s favorite dog and everything else before reaching out to him or her.

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