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By Eric Quanstrom #marketing October 25, 2016

Most online businesses have an email collection collection strategy which you can blast helpful newsletters, interesting offers or updates to. Now that you have that excellent list of people who are interested to some degree in what you have to say, it’s time to make them an excellent offer or two, or six.

To make this list into something useful for an outbound lead generation campaign, you’ll first need to screen it. There’s no sense in personalising fake emails so take out anything with and obviously fake addresses or names. If someone writes their name as Superman, they probably aren’t a good prospect. If the email address has “spam” in the word, skip over that one too.

If you want to create a special offer for these people who have been reading your content for the last few weeks or years, that will go a long way towards turning them into leads. If not, don’t stress it too much.


You will need to create six or seven email templates specific to them. The introduction, several styles of emails to generate interest, and the breakup email. Although in this case, it’ll be less of a break up and more of a “let’s stay friends” email. Since these aren’t cold emails, make sure they’re friendly. Position them as a “hey, if you’re interested…” Make sure that you personalize them to some extent. Even something as simple as working their company into the body of the email can boost reply rates. If you have software that tracks which articles they read/open, that’ll be helpful too. Set the emails, send and wait for replies.

Once you get replies, they should be your lead generation team’s priority. You already have a relationship with these people, make them feel loved!

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