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By Eric Quanstrom #sales September 8, 2016

More business is never a problem, right? If you’ve ever had a launch go much better than expected or were understaffed for sudden rushes, you know that a surge in business is typically managed at a sacrifice in quality. The same is true for business to business lead generation.

Your lead generators can only handle so much per person per day. The last thing you want is your prospects falling through the cracks or feeling like they aren’t getting enough attention. The best way to avoid surges is to avoid them entirely with consistent outbound lead generation practices. Of course that isn’t always possible so at the end of the article I’ll have some quick tips for handling surges.

The first step in consistent outbound lead generation is refining the work flow process. Rather than having your lead generators send out 500 cold emails Tuesday morning, send out 100 every day. Since we know from research that some days have better responses than others, try 150 on Tuesday-Thursday. This will smooth out the response rate from spiking to unmanageable levels 24-48 hours after the initial emails went out.


Staggering your emails allows your outbound lead generators to handle the responses quicker and devote more attention to qualifying each prospect. After all, the point is to make sure they only hand over well-qualified leads to your sales team. You probably don’t want your sales team to get overwhelmed with a bunch of new leads to requalify and work with.

Using an sales outsourcing provider for your outbound lead generation can help with the load, ensuring consistent qualify leads delivered straight to your sales team without the hassle of refining the lead generation methods over and over again. They also typically have the ability to handle sudden, unpredictable surges which do happen from time to time. While they can be a blessing, it’s important to keep up the level of customer service expected from the hard work your marketing team put into branding your company.


Bonus: Quick Tips for Handling Surges

  • In an emergency, you can have your sales team step in to help qualify the most promising prospects.
  • Explain there is a sudden surge in business and you are helping everyone as quickly as possible. They may not like it, but they’ll understand.
  • Offer a small discount for the inconvenience.

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