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By Eric Quanstrom #leads September 8, 2016

Lead management is the overarching umbrella that covers the whole process from the first time a potential prospect hears of your company to their transition into a qualified lead to being handed off to your sales team. Lead generation is one part of a great lead management strategy.

Think of lead management as the process from start to finish. Getting the initial prospect through your inbound or outbound marketing methods then reaching out to those prospects with your lead generation team. When you get some positive responses, you go through lead enrichment, lead nurturing, and lead qualification before finally sending them on to your sales team where they (hopefully) become enthusiastic customers. Lead management is the pipeline this all takes place in.


Of course, like any pipeline, if there is a bottleneck in some section, the rest of the pipe sees a reduced volume. Of course the ideal situation is to avoid any bottlenecks in the process, but ensuring that your lead generation team is maximizing the flow into your pipeline is key to the rest of the process having enough people to work with. If you choke the entrance to your pipeline, you’re restricting all of your business.

A good B2B lead generation team does many things, but the primary goal is quality leads. Quantity is a close second, but quantity doesn’t do you any good if none of them pass the lead qualification stage. The right people to put in your lead generator roles are tireless, patient, organized, and quickly respond to all replies. You can have professional writers (like we do) write the general emails, but then the lead generator must be able to tailor it to each individual it gets sent to. Without a strong lead generation strategy, the entire process gets a whole lot harder to use.

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