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By Eric Quanstrom #leads September 8, 2016

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Measuring the wrong metrics of your outbound lead generation is nearly as bad as measuring nothing at all.

With so much information readily available, it’s more important than ever to filter out the useful from the distracting. Whether you doing your own business-to-business lead generation in house or are using an outsourced lead generation, it’s important to double check the metrics which define success.

Metric 1: Email Response Rates.

This tells you if you are targeting the right people and, more importantly, if the content of your email is doing any good. For most industries a response rate between seven and ten percent of valid email addresses is ideal. If your numbers are lower than that, try some A/B testing with your email content to see what works better.


Metric 2: Which emails are generating responses?

Keep track of which emails work best at each stage. This will help you fine tune your process and generate leads more easily than previous iterations. Most companies who offer outsourced lead generation for SaaS business have proven templates which get responses in the 10% range.

Metric 3: Who within the company is responding?

In business-to-business lead generation, it’s essential to quickly get to the right people. Targeting the right people within the company is as important as what you write in your initial contact. Once your lead generators know who is statistically the best person to initiate contact with, it will be easier for them to generate more leads.


Meric 4: Number of prospecting calls completed.

If you send out 100 emails and get 10 responses, how many of those responses move into prospecting calls? This is the part where it’s important to have skilled sales development reps. Getting someone on the phone during business-to-business lead generation takes skill because it’s much more of a commitment than replying to an email.

Metric 5: Who became qualified?

All the lead generation methods in the world won’t help if your qualified leads are not matching your ideal customer profile. Looking at the people who are being turned over to your sales team as qualified leads will tell you a lot about what you need to tweak or experiment with to ensure your lead generators attract the right people into your sales channel. Your sales support team will thank you for customers who better fit your product.

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