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By Eric Quanstrom #hack November 14, 2016

The best questions are tested questions. It’s helpful if your lead generators can keep track of what questions get positive responses and which of those questions advance the call.

Remember, if you’re doing outbound lead generation over email, you only want to ask one question per email. Make it take-candy-from-baby easy for your prospect to engage with you. That being said, here are our five favorite prospecting questions.

“Can you refer me to the right person in your organization to talk with?”

Getting internal references builds your credibility and you get to talk to the person responsible (at least partly) for the purchasing decision of your product.


“Would you mind helping me understand what your buying process looks like?”

Getting into the details of the prospect’s buying process means you know exactly what to do at each step of the sale, considerably smoothing out potential sales speedbumps.

“What challenges are you having with (prospect’s industry/subject/niche of your product)?”

With good timing, this can open the floodgate of problems your prospect is having. In turn giving you more opportunities to pinpoint which of those your product solves!


“What criteria do you use for evaluating solutions?”

The answer to is like getting the answers to a test before you take it. Knowing the decision making criteria allows you to get a leg up on any competition by allowing your sales team to cater their pitch to hit each bullet point.

“Do you have any recommendations on how to approach (their company/decision maker)?”

People love to show off that they have inside information. As long as you have engaged in a conversation up to this point and built good rapport, most people will give you an honest recommendation. It’s pure gold to anyone working on business to business lead generation.

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