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By Eric Quanstrom #SalesSuccess November 1, 2016

We chatted with Vivian Pham at Blue Calypso, about Growth at the Beginning Stages of a Company.

What is Blue Calypso?

Blue Calypso provides an end-to-end solution that allows brands and retailers to connect to their consumers through real-world mobile experiences from ONE powerful platform called KIOSentrix. You can easily build campaigns, execute mobile engagement strategies and track and analyze results with real-time reporting.


What does your current team look like?

We have about 10 people in our office in Richardson and a group of talented developers in our Costa Rica office.

What do you do on a typical work day?

I manage all of our social media, PPC, and PR. Additionally, I handle all the discovery calls set up by Leadware and conduct the majority of the demos and follow ups on sales pursuits. I also handle any and all client relations and onboarding.

“We are a startup, so we all wear many hats and do whatever is necessary to succeed.”


What is the culture like there?

We are a close knit group that is like family. Every single person can make an impact on the company’s success and we are encouraged to innovate every single day. It is a fast paced environment so no one day is the same which certainly keeps it fun and interesting.


How has Leadware fit into your Company Structure?

Leadware essentially functions as our Business Development arm and helps to fill the top of the funnel. Once the initial meeting has been scheduled by Leadware, we handle the rest from there!


“We definitely have an “all hands on deck” mentality…”


What tools can your team not live without?

Leadware! And

What was the most difficult task starting your sales process?

We had some trial and error when it came to business development and struggled to figure out the most efficient and cost effective way to generate opportunities.


What would you have done differently when you started building your sales process and why?

We should have used Leadware from the beginning. Our initial business development strategy didn’t work out and our team ended up getting spread real thin and getting pulled in many different directions. Managing marketing, business development, sales and client services became a bit of a juggling act and we weren’t able to dedicate our full efforts to any one thing. Leadware has helped significantly by taking the entire business development piece off our plates. They continue generating new opportunities while allowing us to focus our efforts on other things making us considerably more efficient as a team.

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