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By Eric Quanstrom #leads September 8, 2016

Your sales team should be focused on what they do best: selling. Business-to-business lead generation is best left to the sales development reps. The whole system flows more efficiently that way.

Your Top X List

You know who your top clients are. Whether you want to hit your top five, ten or fifty is up to you. If you have a new product or there is something special you are offering, keep this within the realm of your sales team, not your sales support. Your best clients probably have a good relationship with your team. Having your sales support make the call can be taken poorly by some of your more egotistical clients.

Current Customer Base

Your sales support team is well trained in lead generation methods and outbound lead generation. Your sales team, on the other hand, knows how best to handle your current clients and can assess the best fit for their needs. You’ve already qualified these clients once, no sense in repeating the exercise. Your sales support can handle their questions, but keep your lead generators focused on generating new leads.


Developing Referral or Affiliate Partners

Your sales development reps employ lead generation methods which filter out which people will best fit your product and which won’t. Affiliate partners and referral channels often require negotiation for both parties to arrive a mutually beneficial agreement. If you want to generate more leads for affiliate partners, starting them off with your sales team is the best way to go. If you’re using outsourced lead generation, you can either instruct your sales development reps to pass these opportunities on immediately or have separate qualification criteria.

Key Accounts & Major Clients

Like your Top X list, it adds a nice touch to handle your big shots with a little more finesse. Having your sales team focus on the high quality accounts while your sales development team’s goal is to generate more leads is the best of both worlds. Major clients like to feel important and the fussy ones can get insulted by simply dealing with “underlings”. I have worked with people (typically veterans in the industry) who will only speak with people who flat out refuse to speak with people holding less than six months experience in the industry, sometimes asking for people with more than two years experience. Skipping over your outbound lead generation team and keeping these people for your sales team will increase the likelihood of a deal.

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