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By Eric Quanstrom #leads September 8, 2016

There was a TED talk discussing the techniques of world memory champions. A world memory championship usually involves the speed at which you can memorize a series of numbers with perfect recollection. It may be done with a pack of cards, for example.

The technique used by most competitors involves telling a story in which the numbers are involved. For example, the king of hearts was fighting with the jack of spades because he was in possession of four diamonds when the king only had two. The queen of diamonds was less worried about her seven diamonds because she had ten clubs to protect them. Telling yourself this story allows the correct memorization of the card order below:

  1. King of Hearts
  2. Jack of Spades
  3. 4 of Diamonds
  4. 2 of Diamonds
  5. Queen of Diamonds
  6. 7 of Diamonds
  7. 10 of Clubs


Marketing uses stories to persuade people to buy. Through identification with a character (real or fictional) people will remember the story and the product. I recall a magazine ad selling a self-defense video set because it was told through a story of a young man walking into the wrong bar at the wrong time, but it turned out okay because he was the pioneer of this self-defense style.

Telling a story in your lead generation emails makes you unique. When most sales emails list product features, you engage the reader. People love stories. Draw them in. That’s why people read gossip columns and internet anecdotes. Even if you are not interested in internet forums or celebrity gossip magazines at the grocery store, you probably read books or magazines featuring stories.

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