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By Eric Quanstrom #leads September 8, 2016

Lead enrichment is taking existing contacts in your CRM or new prospects and gathering additional information about them. This might include checking their Twitter feed for interests or finding out the stats on the company they work for. Small details like that work wonders with business to business lead generation.

For example, say you distribute fishing bait and tackle. On your website, you have a quick guide to the most popular trout lures. In exchange for your quick guide, someone fills out a short web form with their first name and email address. Now you have Bob and This alone is enough for you to begin doing email marketing, but what if you want more? You want Bob to carry your line of popular trout lures.


You can cold email him with that or take a few minutes to look up Bob’s Bait, Tackle and Lures to see what type of store it is, where it’s located and what they sell. Then you can likely find out Bob’s full name and any social media accounts he has. A brief check of his Twitter feed will tell you that he loves heading out to the lake every week for catfishing or maybe that he loves the Miami Dolphins. All of this extra information will make your attempt to contact Bob that much easier. You can craft a personalized email subject like, “Bob, what do the Miami Dolphins and Trout Fishing Have in Common?” You nailed two of his interests so he is more likely to click it. Then you get to write a clever email about what those two have in common and engage in a conversation about whether your trout lures are a good fit for Bob’s clientele.

What you just did to initiate a dialogue with Bob and grow your business is lead enrichment at it’s best. Getting most information regarding your clients to make sure that you lead with your best foot forward.

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